Understanding Local SEO

Before you can understand local SEO marketing, you should know what
general search engine optimization is. This method of marketing ensures that
your website shows up when people search for related terms in Google or
other search engines.

Since Google is currently the largest search engine and has the most traffic,
most people aim to get on Google’s good side. While the search algorithms
are always being adjusted and tweaked, a good, solid strategy can weather
nearly any change.

Local SEO focuses on local search terms. When your website is optimized
for local search, you will tend to gain more localized traffic, which can
increase sales. The search terms may include geographic references, such as a
town, state or country. Some may even include neighborhoods or specific
streets. The more specific terms are considered to be hyper-local.
With mobile searching becoming more and more prevalent, the actual
physical location of the device may also be used when searching to provide
local specific results.

Optimizing your website is more than just adding a few keywords to the
content, however. It is a complicated mix of onsite and off-site SEO. From
link building and quality content creation to establishing citations and using
social media, there are dozens of ways to ensure search engines are impressed
with your website.

Local SEO takes time to implement, but it is certainly worth it. You may start
seeing results fairly quickly, even if you are working on the optimization
yourself. Many companies prefer to outsource the majority of their search
engine optimization to save time and energy.

Even if you plan to outsource your SEO to a London SEO agency, it’s a good idea to understand what
is involved. This will enable you to understand more when speaking to your
SEO company and you will be able to stay on top of any changes made to
your site. You’ll also be able to check the work that the company is doing for
you and appreciate the end result.